Why Sleep Makes a Difference to Your Health

Sleep is a very important part of keeping healthy.  Our bodies are able to tell us when we need to sleep, and send out signals to us.  Sleep allows our bodies to repair themselves, and for our brains to consolidate memories and information.

Bad sleep quality is linked to other problems in the body such as a weaker immune system and mental health problems.  We all know how terrible we feel when we don’t have enough sleep!  There are ways to improve the quality of sleep:

Light – make sure light levels are low.  We cannot sleep as well when there is light around us, so use curtains and blinds to reduce natural light, turn off any lamps or electronic lights in the room.

Noise – it is better to sleep in a quiet room.

Temperature – we sleep better when the temperature is a little lower.  Our bodies tend to cool down when we sleep, so being in a cooler room lends itself to better sleep.