The Importance of Cutting Down Your Sugar Intake

If you are looking to get healthy, lose weight and feel better, you may have heard that cutting out sugar will help.  It certainly will!  Sugar is increasingly being found to be a really nasty substance, which can cause weight gain, mental problems, affect the functioning of the liver and cause addiction in many people.

Cutting out sugar is not easy, because artificial and added sugar is found in most foods we eat – the food companies have found that by adding sugar to their products, us consumers buy more.  They do not care about our health, merely their profits!

The first thing to do when cutting out sugar is be aware of how much we SHOULD have.  It is believed that women should have no more than 6-9 teaspoons per day – that’s between 24-36g.  The average can of fizzy drink has around 8 teaspoons in alone!