The Benefits of Eating a Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet has been around for a few years now as the newest and healthiest way to eat.  It essentially involves reducing the amounts of farmed grains (used in pasta, rice, cereals, breads and wraps) to nothing and increasing portions of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts and seeds.  It is eating in the way the paleolithic man used to, and it supposedly the best diet for many reasons:

  1. eating cleaner – by only eating whole foods like meats and vegetables, we automatically cut out the processed junk foods which are not helping our bodies.
  2. lose weight – reducing our carbs down to vegetables and fruits will mean we eat far lower amounts of carbs, hence lower calories too.  This can lead to a happy side effect of weight loss.
  3. More energy – by not eating loads of refined sugars, caffeine and junk, we will have more energy and our energy balance will be restored.
  4. No sugar highs and lows – we know how it feels – have a quick sugar hit, feel great and then BANG! you are on a crash and desperate to have more sugar.  The paleo diet ends the cycle of highs and crashes with sugar.