Keeping Healthy in Winter

The winter is often a time when illness strikes.  The common cold, runny noses, coughs and sore throats can make this time of year a nasty time!  With the right tools, we can all stay healthy during the winter season.

The first thing to do to keep healthy during the cold is to load up on vitamins. We can get vitamins from our food (fruits and vegetables are full of them), and we can supplement this with a good all round vitamin tablet.  Vitamins help to boost our immune system and prevent illnesses from taking hold.

Another way to keep healthy in winter is to be aware of germs.  We know it is important to wash our hands when we have been to the bathroom, but do you think about keeping your hands clean when you use other services?  What about that handrail in the train station?  The door handle at the doctor’s surgery?  These are places where we can pick up nasty germs, so be sure to clean your hands propely when out in public.  It can be useful to have a little bottle of hand sanitiser for situations such as these, as the alcohol can help to kill of bacteria.  Careful not to overdo it though – it can be very drying on your skin.