How to Lose Weight Easily and Simply

The title may be a bit misleading – there is no easy way to lose weight unfortunately!  However, the concept behind losing weight IS easy and it is all to do with calories in v calories out.

Calories essentially are a measure of potential energy, with 1 calorie being the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1 degree celsius.  The more calories in a piece of food, the more potential energy is has.  So a chocolate bar at 250 calories has more energy than a clementine at 35 calories.

When we eat food, our body extracts the nutrients from it and all the energy is transferred into sugars in our body.  Things like wholemeal grains take longer to burn up compared to simple carbs like white rice, sweets and pasta.

In order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than our bodies use in day to day life.  Let’s say we have a metabolism of 2000 calories – this means our body will use 2000 calories simply to exist, not doing anything at all.  If we eat 2000 calories each day, our body will burn through it and maintain it’s weight.  If we eat 2500 calories each day, our body will hang onto the extra 500 calories and eventually put on weight.  If we eat 1500 calories, our body would need to get the extra 500 calories energy from it’s own fat sources, meaning we would lose weight.