Eating a Clean Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

There are hundreds, if not thousands of weight loss diets and plans out there for us to try, but many people find eating a restrictive diet can make their lives miserable, and any weight they initially lose usually comes back after a short while.  The newest ‘diet’ craze is that of Clean Eating.

The concept of clean eating is not particularly new as such, as it basically involves eating only food which you would naturally find in nature.  Things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat and fish.  All the foods which have been left unprocessed and in the same state they would be in nature.  The idea is that through eliminating artificial preservatives, sweeteners, sugar and man-made chemicals, our bodies are able to better process the nutrients, our hormones will be reset and our hunger should get back into a regular pattern.

Currently, our processed food diets are making us very ill, fat and depressed – chemicals and sweetners upset our natural hormones and make us more prone to overeating, malabsoption and moody.  Added sugar is making us gain weight and become very ill!  Cut the crap from your diet and eat clean for a healthy body and natural weight loss!