A Simple Weight Loss Goal – Go for 10%!

Did you know that we can feel some fantastic benefits to our health simply by losing 10% of our body weight?  If we are overweight, this can go a long way towards making us healthier as well as feeling better. Here are some of the main benefits to losing 10%.

Cardiovascular Health

Losing just 10% of our body weight can lower our risj of heart disease and other illnesses.  It can result in a lowered cholesterol level as well as decreased blood pressure.


Compared to a healthy weight, someone carrying just 10-20 extra lbs on their body is at a much greater risk of type 2 diabetes.  Losing 10% of your weight lowers your blood sugars and can help you body in regulating sugar and insulin levels.


Some types of cancer (particularly those affecting the gallbladder, prostate, kidney and breast) are strongly linked to our weight.  Losing 10% of our weight can massively reduce our chance of getting these cancers.

To calculate how much weight you should lose, take your weight in pounds (for example, 235lbs) and multiply it by 0.1 (the answer for our example would be 23.5lbs).  The key to weight loss is slow and steady, so read our other blogs for advice on losing weight!